Are we affiliated with a denomination?

The Parish is a non-denominational church.  Though we are open to affiliations and partnerships with other churches, denominations, and organizations, we prefer less polity, not more.


What do we believe about the Bible, really?

We believe that the Bible, above all things, is a story. It is the story of God and his good creation, in particular, his people. Many view the bible as a sort of moral code or rule book, and while morals and ethics can be drawn from the text, we believe the thrust of the text is God’s love toward people revealed in Jesus. 


Do we draw hard lines? If so, where?

Lines are usually drawn to keep others out, they tend to be used to demonize those who see or think differently than we do. In that spirit, we reject drawing hard lines around non-essentials that are listed within our beliefs. 


What is our church staff and leadership structure (elders/advisors)? 

At the Parish, we are led by a team of co-equal stewards/pastors/shepherds, who seek to engage our community in daily ministry and life. We believe in the wisdom of Elders and Advisors, as outlined in our Culture of Leadership. 


Who can lead? Are you open and affirming?

Leadership roles are not determined by one’s gender, ethnicity, orientation, political affiliations, or theological opinions. All who are willing to humbly walk in the way of Jesus, toward human flourishing, and can agree to join us in our mission are invited to lead.


What do we believe about Baptism and Communion? 

We believe that Baptism and Communion are beautiful, long-standing, sacraments of the church. We see them as ways in which we participate in the story of God together – partaking, mysteriously, in the new life Jesus offers us. Anyone who desires to participate in Communion may do so. We offer communion regularly, sometimes individually and sometimes corporately.  Baptism can be done based on the individual’s needs and preferences. 


Do we have church membership? 

We do not have church membership. We invite those who consider the Parish to be their community to participate accordingly through presence, volunteering, and giving.


Where does our funding come from? Who gets paid? 

The Parish is a 501c3 non-profit religious organization, therefore, all funding comes from generous donors who believe in our mission. All our major financial decisions, whether staffing, properties, or major resources are governed by our leadership team.